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Interesting Topics to Google When You Are Bored

We all love our trusty Google and have on at least one occasion used it to Google something really odd or weird. Now that time has come again. When you are bored and nothing sounds like fun, the topics below are some that you can Google to learn more. It is nice to learn things what few others may know.

Top [x] of All Time

Insert your favorite topic here. Whether it is music, movies, TV shows, food, or something else, you can entertain yourself with the abundance of information that you will easily find out there.

Strange Laws

In the U.S., there are some pretty strange laws out there. Many of those weird laws are not enforced today but at one point in time were important enough to make it onto the books. Take a look and find out which law you find strange. It is a barrel of fun.

Pole Dancing

Whether you want to learn how to dance the pole like a pro or want to know more about the history of pole dancing, you are a few clicks away from it all. You will find yourself going down a rabbit hole of information once you Google this topic so make sure you have lots of time and bookmark tabs available.

Racism & Slavery in America

history of pole dancing

While a difficult subject to discuss, learning more about racism and slavery though history can open your eyes and provide information that you never before knew. There is far too much hate against others in this world, particularly the African American community. There is hope and no reason to be part of the problem.

Try out some of the topics above when you are bored and looking for something to fill your time.