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Taking Advantage Of Fun Party Games

Throwing a party can be fun. When we get a lot of people together and have an event we really want to make it a special thing. One thing that many people are looking at are Florida foam parties – Foamdaddy.

Find fun guests – One of the benefits of throwing a party is that you get to invite people you are cool with and love having around. Why not include more than one person?

Have fun games for everyone – This is where things can really heat up. There is nothing like being in a pool full of people playing some awesome games. Playing games like Marco Polo is a great way to get people involved and having fun with friends. Check out some of the games below that are sure to make your foam party sizzle.

Florida foam parties - Foamdaddy

Star Search – This game can be played in teams or individually. All you have to do is blindfold someone and then spin them around while they try to guess as many details about a person or people as they can.

This could include things like the color of their shirt, hair length, clothing style and more. This game is not just about getting close to guessing correctly but also having fun throughout the process from beginning to end.

Fashion show – If you have at least 3 people participating in fashion week then you are on the right track. This one is great for couples as well so it could be fun to have a husband and wife team up to perform together.

This game is simple – pick out some of your best outfits from your closet and turn around and model them for everyone else in the pool!   Everyone will love seeing you strut your stuff on stage until there can be only one winner.